Acrysol WS-24 Emulsion

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    Acrysol WS-24 is an acrylic dispersion resin which is supplied in water and can be solubility readily to combine the advantages of outstanding flow and pigment dispersion characteristic of solution polymers with some of the toughness of emulsion polymers. Both clear and pigmented films can be formed at room temperature or by force drying. Commonly used for consolidating plaster, wall paintings, bones, and material from archaeological sites.

    Suggested uses for Acrysol WS24 resin include dip coatings for brass, alkali-removable temporary coatings, and other general industrial finishes.

    Typical Properties (These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications.)
    Appearance: Translucent, milky white fluid
    Solids Content, 36.0%
    Volatiles, by wt. 99.4 water/0.6 ammonia
    pH 7.0
    Density, 8.7 lbs/gal
    Glass transition temperature, Tg, 46°C (DSC)
    Minimum film formation temperature, MFT, <10°F

    Also sometimes referred to as Primal WS-24, or Rhoplex WS-24.

    Technical Information