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    In October 2004 the Art Technological Source Research study group held a highly successful symposium at the Instituut Collectie Nederland, Amsterdam: Approaching the Art of the Past: Sources & Reconstructions. Recipe books, treatises and manuals on artists' materials, tools and methods are of fundamental importance for an understanding of how art objects were made. Historically accurate reconstructions on the basis of these sources provide insight into the original appearance of an object, as well as workshop practices, and provide models for understanding material degradation. The interpretation of artists' intent rests on this kind of basic knowledge. For example: Van Gogh never intended the blossoms in his series of orchard paintings (Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam) to appear quite as pale as they look today. How would they have looked originally? The recipe sources and reconstructions may answer this and help us understand what has happened. The symposium was held to discuss the role of source research and the use of reconstructions in the emerging field of art technological research. "Art of the Past - Sources and Reconstructions" provides excellent documentation of the proceedings of the symposium. Paperback, 156 Pages Contents: #An introduction to source research #Reconstruction research, some cases and their contexts #Blue and green, understanding historical recipes and phenomena on old master paintings #The Cologne database for Medieval painting materials and reconstruction #Levels of reconstruction of black iron gall inks for the InkCor project #The value of accurate reconstructions to the art historian #Historically accurate oil painting reconstructions for the De Mayerne Project #Cobalt blue, emerald green and rose madder in copal-based media used by the Pre-Raphaelites #Reconstructions of French 19th-century red lake pigments for the Red Lake Project #When glass is made of plastic?: restoration of the model of the ?Pavillon Saint-Gobain? for the international exhibition of 1937 #ArTeS database #Inventory of a pharmacy in Kolberg #Page-Image Recipe Databases #16th century portrait miniatures #Computer reconstruction of the yellow cloak of the ?Girl at the Virginals? by Vermeer #Sources and preparatory drawing in 15th-19th century Byzantine iconography #3D Digital Visualization and Virtual Restoration of Polychrome Sculpture #Whistler's Correspondence: an artist in the studios #Reconstruction of recipes for flesh colors in medieval artist manuals #Reconstruction of the one of Durer?s drawing machines #Smalt glazes on silver leaf gildings of baroque and rococo polychromy in southern Germany #(In)stability of pigment mixtures described in artist manuals #Import of European painting materials in Havana, Cuba, in the 17th and 18th century #Chrozophora tinctoria : mediaeval colourant in the seventeenth century #Exploring Rembrandt?s painting materials and techniques: Rembrandt and burnt plate oil #Imitating ultramarine: artist?s economies reconstructed