August Ruhl Gold and Silver Leaf



    $15.55 to $145.05



    August Ruhl has been the supplier of gold leaf to TALAS since 1962. We are now offering this high quality leaf manufactured in Germany in a large variety of shades. The leaf is unsized and is ideal for gilding, illumination, leather tooling, edge gilding, picture frames and walls. 

    We are pleased to offer this extended line of August Ruhl Gold Leaf at very economical pricing.
    Reines Gold is pure gold and 24K. All other shades are composed of alloys of silver and copper. Depending on the % of each alloy, the color of the leaf will vary from lighter and cooler (silver) to darker and warmer (copper).

    We stock both loose gold leaf and patent gold leaf. The loose gold is interleaved with paper as opposed to the patent where it is affixed to the paper. Please see August Ruhl Patent leaf for full selection.

    Sold in books of 25 leaves, each leaf is 3-3/8" square. One book will cover two square feet.

    Due to gold price fluctuations, we cannot guarantee gold pricing on the web.  
    Please call for Palladium pricing.