Awl Guide Punching Cradle

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SKU: TTS066002


This is to the perfect tool to consistently punch holes in the folded signatures of a book to prepare for sewing into a text block in bookbinding.  The holes in the triangulated bar lead the awl straight down in the folds of a page.  The screw at the base allows you to adjust the positions of the hole pattern.  

It is the triangular block that sits on top of the folded signatures that makes this tool unique from others on the market.  When punching multiple signatures it is essential that all holes are in the exact same place, and punching through the drilled holes in this wood block insures this.

Guide is approximately 12.5" long with one open end to allow for longer paper to be punched.  Distance between holes is 5/8."  Awl for the Awl Guide is sold separately.