Beva Gel

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    An aqueous dispersion of acrylic and EVA resins. In its pure form, or diluted with water, it is an excellent water-based adhesive dispersion, easy to apply, with good slip, and adhesion to a very wide range of surfaces. When partially dried, BEVA GEL turns into a strong contact adhesive with excellent adhesive to canvas, polyester, and Beva-coated surfaces. To achieve this, high-molecular polymers were incorporated in its formula, which give it the desired tackiness and retention of solvents. For these reasons, it dissolves only slowly. When fully dried, BEVA GEL turns into a heat-seal adhesive, with the same low-activation temperature as that of BEVA 371 (60-65C, 150-160F). BEVA GEL, BEVA 371, and BEVA D-8 adhere to each other in every form of application. BEVA GEL can be reversed with water, toluene, xylene, iso-propyl alcohol, or ethanol. This facilitates clean-up and corrections. Spraying with any or all of the above solvents reverts the dried adhesive back to the gel form, and makes it reusable as a contact adhesive. If the effect of any of these solvents is undesirable or the time required objectionable, the solution is to coat the surfaces to be joined with a layer of BEVA 371 Solution first. This makes it possible to remove the lining using heat or naphtha, if and when necessary.

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