Beva D-8

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    An aqueous, non-ionic dispersion which consists of ethylene vinyl acetate emulsified by a volatile solvent material which evaporates during drying, without leaving a residue. Application in dispersion permits the use of resins of still higher viscosity and greater flexibility than BEVA 371, hovever BEVA D-8 requires more aromatic mixtures for removal than the 371. BEVA D-8 dries to a clear, colorless film which is not soluble in water. Extensive testing found D-8 to be removable in toluene and exlene. After prolonged accelerated aging its solubility increases, and BEVA D-8 becomes soluble in alcohol as well, indicating that during aging the breakage of cross-links exceeds their formation. A mixture of toluene, alcohol, and mineral spirits will remove D-8 from porous materials without leaving a residue. Useful for strip lining. An aqueous emulsion, it is sensitive to freezing, and should be stored and ordered at times with this in mind.

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