Bookbinding: The Classic Arts And Crafts Manual

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    One of the principal texts of the Arts and Crafts movement in England, this classic work brought a resurgence of life and vigor to the ancient craft of bookbinding books by hand. Its fame and usefulness has endured for more than a century, as evidenced by the many contemporary bookbinders and libraries who consider it to be the clearest and most valuable exposition of the technique of hand bookbinding in English. The text covers concisely virtually every aspect of the craft - from folding and collating pages, trimming and gilding edges, and cutting and attaching boards, to preparing covers, mitring corners, designing and inlaying on leather, and pasting down end papers. More than twenty informative text diagrams and eight plates, as well as a glossary and an index complete this important manual. A "must-have" for craftspeople, libraries, and book preservationists, the volume remains one of the most valuable manuals available on the technique of hand binding. Paperbound. 352 pages.