Combination Press

    SKU: TTS035001





    We are pleased to have found a suitable successor to the old Hickok Combination Press and Plough. This all metal press combines the function of a standing and lying press, as well as a plough attachment in one unit. Jaws are 19.5" wide and have a maximum opening of 9.25". The inside face of the jaws is approximately 5" wide.

    Optional accessories include a pair of conical (tapered or backing) jaws, thread sewing jaws, a Plough Plane, and a bottom stop. The Bottom stop is useful when using the press as a lying press and positioning a book with the proper exposure above the jaws before tightening.

    Note that the illustrative photos are pictured with both the base unit as well as the optional accessories.  Specifically the wooden cabinet is sold separately.

    Overall floor space needed is 25" x 28", and weighs 210lbs. Unit is supplied on a base with wheeled castors. Unit ships by truck delivery only.