Glossary of Art

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    The continuation of the series Glossary of Conservation 1-3, volumes 4-6 are the Glossary of Art.

    Volume 4 contains: Abstract expressionism, accreditation, accretion, acid free, acrylic paint, action painting, additive, adherend, aesthetics, animal glue, archivist, balsa wood, biscuit porcelain, bistre, blanching, boiling point, brass, breather, bronze, cameo glass, camera obscura, candelilla wax, capriccio, carbon ink, carrier, celluloid, centralised control installation, ceresin, cockling, cohesion, cold color, condition report.

    Volume 5 contains: Jarrah, joined canvas, kahikatea, kauri, ketone resin, kiln (glass), library assistant, loan agreement, lost-wax casting, magnolia, marble, material culture, medium, melton , metal point, mezzotint, moisture barrier, museology, museum planner, neutron activation autoradiography, new guinea walnut.

    Volume 6 contains: Tack, tapestry, tare weight, target audience, teak, temperature, tension, textile restorer, thematic exhibition, thermal load, thermography, thermoplastic, thin cross-section, thixotropy, tissue paper, transfer, trompe d’oeil, tüchlein, turmeric, turnsole, turpentine oil, twill, twill weave, type specimen, underbound paint, underdrawing, verdigris, vermilion, verso, visible storage, walnut, warm colors, watermark, weft, weld , woad, woodcut, worksheet, wove paper, yoshino , zinc white.