Golden PVA Conservation Paint Set

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Back by popular demand!

Golden's Artists Colors PVA Conservation Paints are produced from a PolyVinyl Acetate (PVAc) resin dissolved in isopropanol. Colors remain soluble in isopropanol and other alcohols, making them ideal for removal without disturbing the layers of original paint beneath.  Suitable for art conservation inpainting techniques. 

Technical Specifications of The Pure Resin System:
■100% polyvinyl acetate, thermoplastic solution polymer.
■Average molecular weight: 22,000 – 30,000 amu
■Soluble in isopropanol, acetone and various
■ketones, acetates and lower alcohols.
■Insoluble in several glycols, hydrocarbons, higher alcohols and water.
■Glass Transition Temperature: 33◦C
■Softening point: 96 - 102◦C

Sold in a set of 22 colors, each 5mL tube.

Set Includes the following:
GPVA010 PVA Bone Black
GPVA020 PVA Burnt Sienna
GPVA030 PVA Burnt Umber
GPVA040 PVA Carbon Black
GPVA060 PVA Chromium Oxide Green
GPVA090 PVA Cadmium Red Light
GPVA120 PVA Cadmium Yellow Light
GPVA130 PVA Cadmium Yellow Medium
GPVA140 PVA Cobalt Blue
GPVA225 PVA Nickel Azo Yellow
GPVA255 PVA Phthalo Blue G/S
GPVA270 PVA Phthalo Green B/S
GPVA276 PVA Prussian Blue
GPVA301 PVA Quin/Nickel Azo Gold
GPVA310 PVA Quinacridone Red
GPVA330 PVA Quinacridone Violet
GPVA350 PVA Raw Umber
GPVA360 PVA Red Oxide
GPVA380 PVA Titanium White
GPVA400 PVA Ultramarine Blue
GPVA406 PVA Viridian Green
GPVA407 PVA Yellow Ochre