Sympatex L2315 Conservation Humidification Membrane

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    Sympatex laminate membrane is our new addition to the art conservation world. Sympatex is a moisture permeable material. Made of 100% polyester it is a non-porous membrane applied to a polyester nonwoven. 

    Sympatex is ideally used for humidification, allowing humidity to reach the object (photograph, paper, parchment, etc) without wetting it. Often used as an easy and inexpensive technique for the humidification method of removing residual adhesive, old linings and stains from water sensitive objects. 

    Sympatex is windproof, waterproof, breathable, washable and dry cleanable. It can also be ultrasonically and thermally welded. The filament construction provides added strength and minimizes fiber migration. 

    Sympatex is available in two formulas. While the membrane stays the same in both, the backing polyester material varies in gram weight. 

    L1289 is approx. 92 gsm and 57" wide 

    L2315* is approx. 50 gsm and 59" wide 
    (TFM006102)* only the L2315 is currently available.