Kolner Miniatum Gilding Adhesive System

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The Kolner Miniatum gilding system is a size for high gloss gilding of paintings and writings (calligraphy) on paper, vellum, leather, and other flexible surfaces.  It is an easy to use system.  Apply with a brush, let it dry, and metallize it with transfer (patent) gold within the next 24 hours.

Miniatum INK is a version of the standard Miniatum but has been formulated to be used as an ink in a pen.  It can be used with writing and drawing feathers, ink pens and fountaina nd drawing pens.  The Art Pen by Rotring has been proven to be especially handy since you can easily change the nib but also regulate the flow of ink.

This product will yield a high gloss gilding and silvering, particularly used on paper and other flexible surfaces, but it can also be used on rigid non flexible surfaces as well.  Kolner Miniatum should be processed at room temperature (15-25 degrees Celcius).  Additional dilution with water is possible when necessary, however this should not exceed 5%.  It can be stored for at last a year after production.  Brushes, pens, and so on should be cleaned with simple soap and water as long as it has not dried.  For longer works, periodic cleaning with water may become necessary in particularly with high temperature surroundings.  Cleaning with alcohol or acetone is possible after the product has dried.

The elastic nature of the size assures a long lasting gilded surface.  The turning of illuminated pages will not cause the leaf to delaminate.  Adhesion is guaranteed on paper, vellum (degreased), smooth leather and different plastic foils (plasticizer-free), as well as on a metal-concealed paper (aluminium) and a lot of other materials.

Miniatum is especially important for gilding in the book illumination.  Even without agate burnishing, surfaces with very high gloss can be achieved.  Miniatum works perfectly when high gloss is desired, especially for small surfaces.

This product is not designed for composition (imitation) leaf and low carat value leafs since they must be sealed to prevent oxidation and the sealer will not have the same flexible properties as the Miniatum.

The product is based on a water and glycol-containing acrylic dispersion.  It contains small quantities of butylcarbitol.  Make sure there is sufficient ventilation and personal protection while working with this product

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