Making Traditional Marbled Papers by Kate Brett

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Paper marbling is a beautiful craft with a long history that can be traced back to Japan in the twelfth century.  This practical book introduces traditional patterns and explains the techniques that are used creatively today.  It covers the history of marbling; from its origins in Japan to Persia, Turkey and then Europe in the seventeenth century.  Details on equipment and materials are given along with what you need to get started and set up a studio.  The process from preparing the size, to adding the paints, creating the pattern and then treating the sheets is covered in detail.  It introduces traditional patterns such as spot and combed patterns, as well as advanced techniques.  Creative uses for marbling are given including step-by-step sequences for a range of projects.  Making Traditional Marbled Papers is a visual treasure and shows how paper marbling can be practiced and appreciated by all, from children to professionals.

112 Pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9781785009570