Scharffix Leather Paring Machine

    SKU: TTS055001





    The Scharffix Model #2000 is an easily adjustable tool which turns paring leather into a simple routine. The machine allows for easy and accurate adjustment in terms of depth as well as the angle of the cut, without any motors or complicated mechanisms. With over 50 years of use in the field, the Scharf-Fix machine sets the standard in tabletop manual paring machines. The perfect tool for paring leather for inlays and onlays. Machine includes 10 blades as well as four rollers of varying widths to allow for paring of very narrow pieces of leather. Both genuine as well as generic Scharfix Blades are sold for use with this machine. 

    Now with a 5 year manufacturers parts warranty!  All units come with sturdy carrying case as pictured.  Beware of cheap imitations!