Yame Kozo Hadaura Paper

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1 – 24 $13.45
25 – 99 $12.28
100 + $10.53
100% Japanese Yame Kozo. Cooked with soda ash and Handmade in the Yame, Fukuoka prefecture.

Yame kozo is long fibered and makes a slightly crisp paper. Dyed to match age-toned papers for conservation and repair. Highly favored for conservation work when deeper tones are required.

S-4 is the deepest tone and the new S-1 is the lightest.

All sheets are the same wonderful quality and stocked in 4 age specific shades.

Sheet size: 25" x 39"

Weight: 16g/m2

Color: Range of 4 tones.

Samples of these papers can be purchased in our Japanese Conservation Paper Sample Book.