Abc Of Leather Bookbinding Softcover

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    An illustrated manual that shows step-by-step the art and science of fine leather bookbinding. Edward Lhotka learned the ancient craft from one of England's foremost binders, Alfred de Sauty. In this important work, he takes the reader through the intricacies of traditional leather binding with the skill of a patient teacher. Every step is ilustrated along with a short clear explanation. To lessen confusion, Lhotka doesn't explain all the different ways a procedure may be done; he concentrates on his way, as taught by de Sauty. ABC of Leather Bookbinding captures a time-honored method of fine binding. This method was created and perfected by masters in the craft. As a unique reference work, this manual belongs on the shelves of students, conservators, and binding historians. 142 pages, illustrated, Softcover.