Akatec Micro Blaster 4420

    SKU: TCD178001





    A pressure blasting machine with low air consumption for precise spraying and cleaning. Often used for safe and gentle dry-cleaning of masonry, sculptures, and small objects. The 4420 uses tiny granules derived from Wishab Sponges. Granules can often be reused up to 5 times before they become saturated with dirt, and should be replaced. The size of these small granules make this machine ideal for cleaning inside of hard to reach crevices and contours. Only source of energy needed is pressurized air. It is very important that only clean and dry air is filled into the micro blaster. The spraying pressure of akatec micro blaster 4420 & 4430 is steered by an adjustable pressure regulator. The included pressure release valve cuts off the air stream immediately after switching off the micro blaster. This feature ensures no unwanted spraying occurs The Akatec Duoblaster 4430 is identical to the Micro Blaster 4420, except that it is quipped with two pressure cylinders which can be used separately by flipping an exterior switch. This feature makes it ideal for special demands on the spraying substrates, when more then one type of granule is required.