Book Sewings by Hand

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    This book is an excellent source of 23 sewings executed for the Fundamentals of Conservation Treatment course taught by Guy Petherbridge at Columbia University, 1988-89. Written for the bookbinder or apprentice seeking a reliable guide to a small number of exemplary, practical and much used sewings. It has all the sewings needed for beginning and intermediate binding classes, put forth in unambiguous language, and aided by easy-to-interpret line drawings. This book represents a wide variety of sewings used in every part of the world throughout the history of the codex book form. Sewing styles discussed take into consideration the size of the book, its intended use, the relative drape and thickness of the paper used, the size and quantity of sections, regional and personal quirks, and binding traditions. Topics covered are as follows: Getting Started on a link stitch sewing. Non-looping link stitch sewing. Looping link stitch sewing. Non-looping, recessed, pack link stitch sewing. Looping recessed pack link stitch sewing. Sewing over limp vellum slips, leather thongs, alum tawed thongs, or linen tapes. Lap sewing over double cords. Sewing over tapes or slips, with link stitch. Sewing over tapes or slips, with "butterfly" grouped link stitch. Sewing on single cords. Recessed single cord sewing. Recessed single cord sewing with link stitch. Packsewn single cord sewing. Double support sewing on cords or split alum tawed thongs. Double support sewing on twisted split alum tawed thongs. Sewing on rolled double alum tawed thongs. Herringbone stitch on cords, or thongs. A strategy for 2-along sewing. Hand Sewn Softcover, 8.5 x 7 inches, 44 pages