Corrosion Intercept CD Case Insert

SKU: TAS006022


1 – 4 (Pack of 10) $13.80
5 – 9 (Pack of 10) $13.30
10 + (Pack of 10) $12.00
It is recommended that CD storage be supplemented with Corrosion Intercept Inserts to extend longevity. These are thin disks that sit behind the CD in its jewel case, to absorb harmful gases that cause deterioration.

Corrosion Intercept provides superior protection for silver, brass, ferrous metals, copper, bronze and non-ferrous metals. Used by museums to protect a variety of items such as metal artifacts, copper and bronze sculptures, silver coins, etc. It has also been used to protect textiles, paper documents, books and works of art on paper and has the ability to prevent the development of mold.

Sold in Packs of 10.