Liberon Earth Pigments

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    Liberon Earth Pigments are natural earth powders for coloring paint, putty, cement, French polish, Liberon Wood Stopping and Wood Filler, plaster and grout. They do not dissolve, but are held in suspension and can be used to color anything with a thick or paste consistency making them an incredibly versatile coloring product.

    - Use to color putty, paint, cement, plaster & grout etc.
    - Made from natural earth from around the world.
    - Wide range of colors available.
    - All colors are intermixable.

    Application: Mix into the finish until the required strength of color is achieved. Intermediate shades can be obtained by mixing with other earth pigments.

    Finishes: Red Ochre, Red Oxide, Titanium White, Van Dyck Brown, Vegetable Black, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, & Burnt Umber. New colors: Brown Umber and Earth Cassel

    Each jar is 100mL.  

    Earth PIgments have been discontinued by the Liberon.  
    As pigment colors are sold out they will be eliminated on our website.

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