Edinburgh Brass Type

    SKU: Edinborough-Brass-Type


    $517.00 to $805.75



    Machine-cut type made from specially prepared brass alloy. Much harder, more durable and more uniform in shape than cast type. Deeply cut to give a clear and sharp impression on both hard and soft material, and machined to standard point sizes, giving perfect alignment. For use in a type holder or in a blocking press. 

    Note: 6pt font comes on an 8pt base for easier maneuverability, and thus is compatible with the 8pt quads. Also available are sets of sets of quads and spacers. 

    100 Piece upper case font:
    A(x4) B(x3) C(x3) D(x3) E(x4) F(x2) G(x2) H(x3) I(x4) J(x2) K(x2) L(x3) M(x3) N(x3) O(x4) P(x2) Q(x2) R(x4) S(x4) T(x4) U(x3) V(x2) W(x2) X(x2) Y(x2) Z(x1) &(x1) -(x1) .(x3) ,(x2) '(x2) AE(x1) OE(x1) 0(x2) 1(x2) 2(x2) 3(x2) 4(x2) 5(x2) 6(x2) 7(x2) 8(x2) 9(x2) 

    The above sets are sold in 100 piece upper case sets from 6 to 36 point in stock and ready to ship. 

    Other custom sets, varying in font, lower case, or number of pieces are all available by special order. Please contact us.