Hot Stamping Foil

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    1 - 11 (Rolls) $12.75
    12 + (Rolls) $11.50



    Our line of hot stamping foils are suitable for hot stamping on cloth, paper, and leather, either with a stamping machine or by hand. Available in a variety of colors. All colors are matte finish with the exception of the clear, silver, gold, and bronze.

    All rolls are 2" wide, and 200' in length.

    The optimal stamping temperatures are as follows:
    Bright Gold & Bright Silver:
    Up Down Stamping = 194F - 212F
    Cylinder Stamping = 302F - 338F

    All Matte Colors:
    Up Down Stamping = 235F - 285F
    Cylinder Stamping = 302F - 338F