Type Holders

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    These type holders are designed to hold brass type assembled into words to be stamped onto a surface of a book or an object. Constructed in England of a solid brass holder set into hardwood handle, they are strong and secure. 

    The standard spring type holder comes in 2", 3" and 4" capacities, referring to the amount of type it can hold left to right. The type is tightened into the holder by means of a screw mounted at one end, as well as a spring loaded plate at the top. The backplate is made of steel and allows proper line of sight to determine the line on which the type will be printed. These typeholders are fully adjustable to take type from 8 point to 36 point. 

    The Self-Centering typeholder has a 4" capacity, and combines the useful elements of a spring typeholder, with self centering capabilities. On this tool a turn of the wheel dials in clamps on the left and right side of the holder to center a block of type directly under the handle. This is essential to insure proper stamping and the pressure that one exerts down with the tool is equal on the left and right side.