Charbonnel LeFranc Gold Size

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    LeFranc Mixtion Oil Size is suitable for interior and exterior work. The Quick Dry reaches tack in 3-5 hours depending on film thickness, temperature and humidity. After reaching the proper gilding tack, it will remain open for gilding with genuine gold leaf for 4-6 hours. The open time for gilding with metal leaf is shorter, since metal leaf is heavier. Allow the gilded surface to cure one week before sealing or glazing.

    The Slow Dry Size is suitable for all projects requiring a longer open time for gilding. It reaches tack in 12-14 hours and will remain open for gilding for 8-12 hours. LeFranc 12 Hour Size requires one month to cure fully before sealing or glazing. Until fully cured, the gilding surface is fragile and should be protected from harm.