Lascaux Jun Funori

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    JunFunori was developed due to the variable nature of Funori, as it is a natural product. (Jun, meaning "pure").  JunFunori is a standardized product that provides up to the same standards as Funori, without any of the inconsistencies. Sold in 1 gram containers.

    Composition: Water-soluble polysaccharide, extracted from the red algae genus Gloiopeltis furcata, which gros along the Pacific coastline of Japan, China & Korea. 

    Applications: JunFunori is particularly well suited for consolidating powdering paint layers. It has excellent optical properties and stands out from other Funori grades available in the trade by virtue of its very high quality and purity. Besides its application as a consolidant JunFunori can also be used with good results as a facing and retouching agent, also in combination with sturgeon glue as binder in chalk fillings. 

    Recipe: Dissolve 1g of JunFunori in 100ml of cold water. Stir in a water bath at +/- 55C for several hours until JunFunori is fully dissolved. Make sure the receptacle is stirred regularly during the dissolving process so that any undissolved particles are rinsed off its sides. A smooth flowing solution indicates that JunFunori is fully dissolved.  

    Treatment & Storage: Always add alcohol to the adhesive solution if it is to be stored over a longer period. Measurements have shown that a traditional Funori solution stored in a refrigerator and treated by adding isopropyl alcohol still had the same adhesive strength after 70 days. Without the admixture of alcohol the solution decays within a matter of days, producing a characteristic moldy odor.

    It has need noted that recent production batches of Jun Funori have had some undesirable results when used to absorb water spots.  This is due t the structure of the red algae itself.  This does not affect its performance as a glue, which how the product is most commonly used.

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