Louet Cutting Guide

    SKU: TTS066001





    This board is designed to cut all kinds of paper, board, leather, cloth or buckram to accurate straight lines and right angles. The hard plastic laminated work table measures 20"x32" and the maximum cutting length is 32". The graduated stop ruler runs up to 45cm. The cutting rail pivots in a 90 degrees angle with the stop ruler. A rubber strip underneath the cutting rail prevents the material from slipping away while cutting. The included hobby knife fits precisely in the cleft of the cutting rail and guides it in a straight line. The tip of the knife runs into a plastic strip in the work table which ensures that the blade remains sharp. When this strip becomes deeply notched it can be removed, turned and installed again. The cutting stick can ne rotated 8 times before the strip has to be replaced. New strips are available and sold separately.