Raviflex BL 5S

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    Vinavil Raviflex BL5S comes closest to matching the properties of the discontinued Mowilith 20 which is the lowest molecular weight PVAC resin that does not have any added talc or other anti-caking agents.  Mowilith 20 and now Vinavil Raviflex BL5S is used as both a consolidant and coating material for paintings, textiles, leather, and paper; as well as a binder for preparing ones own conservation pigments for inpainting.

    Raviflex BL 5S is a colourless, transparent, solid vinylacetate homopolymer resin. The high purity and low molecular weight are guaranteed by the VINAVIL proprietary manufacturing process.

    K Value: 26 +/- 1
    Dalton Molecular Weight: 22,000-30,000
    Acetic Acid (ppm): 500 max
    Residual Mnomer (ppm): 2 max
    Physical Form: Flakes & Pastilles

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