Regalrez 1126 - 1 Pound Bag

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    Regalrez 1126 is chemically identical to the 1094 but with one of the highest molecular weights of Regalrez. The benefits of 1126 is that it dissolves more slowly in nonpolar solvents, it is more viscous and retains its solvent a little longer then 1094. Since it contain 16% of the original amount of solvent, the varnish, while soft, is not tacky.

    Regalrez 1094 hydrocarbon resin is produced by polymerization and hydrogenation of pure monomer hydrocarbon feedstocks. Regalrez 1094 is a highly stable, light colored, low molecular weight, nonpolar resin suggested for use in plastics modification, adhesives, coatings, sealants, and caulks. Regalrez 1094 is especially suited to applications where the lowest color and most stability against weathering and thermal degradation is required. Regalrez 1094 is suggested for use in elastomeric sealants and adhesives tapes where outdoor exposure will occur or where clarity and resistance to yellowing is a requirement. Regalrez 1094 contians no added antioxidants of UV stabilizers. A more stable and clearly defined resin than Arkon P90. This resin has passed several age testings at the National gallery as a picture varnish.

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