Beva 371 Dry Resin Mix

    SKU: TAD036001




    Package contains the proper resin mix necessary to formulate one gallon of liquid Beva. Instructions included. No shipping restrictions, not flammable. Beva 371, Gel and D-8 adhere to each other in all forms of application.

    This is the most currently produced version of the Beva 371 formula.<br>Beva 371 (original) formula was made with Elvax 150, AC400, Laropal K80, Cellolyn, and wax<br>Beva 371b was made between 2009-2021. This formula contained Elvax 150, AC400, TegoVariplus, Cellolyn, and wax. The Laropal K80 went out of production and was replaced by TegoVariplus which had a yellowish color.<br>Beva 371a was produced from 2021 to now. This contains Elvax 150, AC400, Laropal A81, Cellolyn, and wax. The Laropal A81 has clear/white color eliminating the previously substituted TegoVariplus resin which had a yelloish color.

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