Brass Handle Letters

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    Handle Letters are brass tools where each letter is mounted to its own unique handle so individual words and titles can be formed letter by letter. 

     This is useful for tooling curved surfaces of other areas where traditional type cannot be set. Birch handles are used on all tools to resist splitting with tangs of slightly smaller diameter are used to not interfere with sighting but also to reflect heat. 

     Larger sizes of type are engraved on domed heads and cut close to the letter form. Small letters are filed closely and right back along the shank, to produce a tool with perfect sighting and ease of use. 
     Finally a sighting line is machines square to the face to aid alignment. Available in a variety of type faces and point sizes.

    Handle Letters are supplied in sets of 40 pieces consisting of A to Z and 0 to 8 (the 6 is used for 9) as well as AE OE . ,