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Japanese Mulberry (Kozo) Papers

Kozo bark (also known as Mulberry) is used in approximately 90% of the washi made today. Kozo was originally found in the mountain wilderness of Shikoku and Kyusu Islands. It became a cultivated plant used especially for paper and cloth making. Today Kozo (Mulberry) is sought after by artists and conservators because of its strength, translucency, and absorbency.

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Hosokawa Ohban Paper (Hoshokawa-shi)
$15.64 to $20.45

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Kaji Natural Paper
$5.38 to $7.42
Kawasaki Paper
$3.99 to $5.30
Kozo #8 Paper
$8.68 to $11.98
Kozo Kashmir Paper
$2.38 to $3.47
Matsuo Paper
$14.50 to $15.90
Minota Cream Paper
$5.81 to $7.65