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TRI-Funori™ is a new, clear and colorless, eco-friendly conservation product. It is effective in three distinct areas of application: as a fixative for powdery pigments, as a poultice cleaning agent, and as a light-duty adhesive.

TRI-Funori is a natural product derived from seaweed that is harvested from the coastal waters of the Sea of Japan.  Funori (the Japanese word for seaweed) has a long history of use in Japan.  For over 300 years the seaweed has been harvested and used for many purposes. The key component of this seaweed is a unique polysaccharide starch. TRI-Funori is a concentrated, purified preparation of this starch extracted from the two provider species Gloiopeltis furcata and Gloiopeltis tenax.Assets of Tri-Funori are:
  - Effective as a Poultice Cleaning Agent
  - Effective as a Fixative for powdery pigments
  - Flexibly light weight adhesive
  - Adhesive can be enhanced with isinglass, reversible with water
  - Clear and colorless
  - Dries matte, no tide lines when dried (on any surface)
  - Can be used with an air brush or nebulizer
  - Easy to re-hydrate for use
  - Long shelf life
  - Quality controlled production
  - Entirely natural, extracted using no chemicals or solvents
  - Ecologically responsible manufacturing

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